How much is a Santa visit?

Since every event is different, the price varies. The first hour is booked at a higher rate to help offset the time spent in preparations and local travel… getting the beard right and suiting up can take 90 minutes! Every 15 minute block after the first hour is booked at a lower rate. Santa does provide discounts for his services to charitable considerations. Premiums are added for premium dates and high volume events, as Santa needs more time to recover from visiting with 200 children than he does from visiting 20.


How do I Book Him?
To book Santa for your visit, first decide what dates you have in mind for your event. Then email or phone him with the specifics for your event: where it will be held, what type of venue, how many guests are expected, and how long you need Santa. Depending on the size of your event, Santa may request a 50% retainer for your event to secure your time slot.


A Retainer? Is that refundable?

The retainer is not a deposit. A deposit is an advance, partial payment for services to be performed. A retainer is a hedge against the loss of income that he is exposed to by blocking out the date(s) for an event on his calendar. One might think that if a client cancels an event, say, three months out that Santa would have plenty of time to re-book that date, and therefore, the client should be due a refund. But, the truth is, the best events are large, yearly events and the planners often book six months to a year in advance. Events booked closer to the season are, generally, lower-quality, bookings (from an income and repeatability point-of-view). So, though it might be possible to re-book the cancelled date with a home-visit or a small party or other last-minute type event, there is still considerable potential for loss if that date could have been filled months earlier with a huge, annual corporate party.

There is one exception to the no-refund policy: If the appearance has to be cancelled by Santa himself for reasons beyond his control. If Santa is sick or injured, he will make every attempt to provide a quality replacement, often at additional cost to Santa beyond what the event pays (last minute replacements are generally not cheap!). However, the potential exists that no replacement can be found and in such case the retainer will be refunded. Severe weather that Santa deems to be impassable is also a reason he may cancel the appearance, and a refund will be given. But, that determination will be at his discretion. If the client cancels the event due to weather, not only will the retainer not be refunded, but the appearance fee is also still due. All contracts are “pay to play”.


Sound pretty sterile and businesslike!

We agree, but we’d rather be all-business on the front-end and all-Santa on the day of your event! Santa exists for one reason, and one reason only, and that is not to watch a clock, or collect a check, but to bring the unique job of meeting Santa to boys and girls of all ages.


How do I get in touch with him!

Due to popularity, Santa has opted to work through a booking agency who takes care of most everything for him. He has retained the services of Professional Entertainment, and they are the best in the industry. You can contact Professional Entertainment for booking here. To get more information, click here.